Avis car rentals

Avis car rentals cluster operates the Avis brand in North America, South America, India, Australia and, New zealand. Recently Avis has acquired Avis Europe that once was a separate corporation licensing the Avis brand. Avis is that the third largest car renting agency within the world trailing behind Hertz Corporation.

Since the late Seventies, Avis has featured primarily General Motors (GM) vehicles like Chevrolet and Cadillac, however nowadays additionally rents fashionable non-GM brands together with Ford and Toyota.

Avis may be a leading rental automobile supplier to the business section serving business travelers at major airports round the world, and to leisure travelers at airport locations. several of the off-airport locations area unit franchised operations instead of company-owned and -operated, as is that the case with most airdrome locations. Avis was the primary rent-a-car business to be set at associate degree aerodrome.
avis car rentals

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