DEVELOPING: Zuma — ‘What is it that I have done?’

President Jacob Zuma has spoken out for the first time since the State of the Nation address was postponed last Thursday and since the ANC NEC announced the decision to recall him as head of state on Tuesday.

Zuma’s resounding questions throughout the live recording with SABC were: “What is it that I have done?” “What are the reasons behind my recall?”

The President believes that he was just told “to go”.

Zuma said that since the party’s 54th elective conference in December, there had been rumours that he had heard through the grapevine that there are plans to remove him.

He told SABC that the ANC does not have a policy that says after a national conference there will be a new president. 

Zuma said that a reason he had been given for his removal was that: “Some of the leaders are saying we don’t need two centres of power, no two centres of power.” 

According to Zuma, that is not a reason.

“I don’t think they understand exactly what they are talking about.”

This is a developing story.

Watch the interview below: