King Shaka Airport

King shaka airport (IATA: DUR, ICAO: FALE), aswell accepted as Durban Airport, and abbreviated KSIA, is the primary airport serving Durban, South Africa. Located in La Mercy, KwaZulu-Natal, about 35 km (22 mi) arctic of the city-limits centre of Durban, it opened its doors to cartage on 1 May 2010, just over a ages afore the alpha of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. It replaced Durban Airport (ICAO: FADN) and uses the aforementioned IATA airport code. The airport was advised by Osmond Lange Architects and Planners and amount R6.8 billion.


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Address                                              Phone
Durban Airport                                   +27 31 451 6666
PO Box X1                                            Fax
4029                                                     +27 31 451 6674
South Africa                                         Email

Passengers per Year
4.750.000 (2012)

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