King Shaka Airport Parking

King Shaka International offers the overall number of 4,500 parking spaces which include both long-term, short-term and shaded parking. They also have transfers and so do our car parks. Airport Parking Site never applies unnecessary booking fees or extra charges.

King Shaka Airport parking strives to list the best options on our website, official airport or off-site parking, our service will always provide excellent value for the overall cost. Using the parking lots at the Terminals would be the same as using our Valet / Meet & Greet off-site parking operators.

King Shaka Airport has options for every budget and preference. Use Parking Calculator

Parking Contact

For any parking related queries, please call (032) 436 6626 or email

Parking Tariffs

Parkade 1 – Multi Story Parking

0-15mins R 0.00
16-30mins R 10.00
31-60mins R 15.00
1-2hrs R 20.00
2-3hrs R 30.00
3-4hrs R 40.00
4-6hrs R 80.00
6-10hrs R 120.00
10-24hrs R 160.00

Parkade 2 – Shaded

0-1hrs R 12.00
1-2hrs R 15.00
2-3hrs R 20.00
3-4hrs R 25.00
4-6hrs R 40.00
6-10hrs R 60.00
10-24hrs R 80.00

Parkade 3 – Long Stay

0-3days R 186.00

There after R40.00 per day

Pick Up Area

0-20mins R 0.00
20-30mins R 20.00
30-60mins R 30.00
1-2hrs R 50.00
2-3hrs R 100.00

Every additional one hour or part thereof = R50.00

Lost ticket : R50

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