KSIA To Improve Service Levels At Arrivals And Pickups

The current Arrivals and Pickups Zone at King Shaka International Airport has proven to be very convenient for airport users since its upgrade in June 2012. As part of further enhancing the facility, Airports Company South Africa has decided to cover the entrance and exit of the facility so that it would be more convenient for users especially during adverse weather conditions.

Colin Naidoo, Communications and Brand Manager at King Shaka International said, “This enhancement will allow vehicles to safely enter and exit without the tickets being damaged, adding to the inconvenience when exiting. To ensure that this project can be completed in a short space of time, the pickup zone will have to be closed for at least 45 days so that the canopies can be properly erected”.

Naidoo continued, “As King Shaka International is constantly striving to improve its service standards and takes airport users suggestions seriously, we believe this enhancement will go a long way to improving service delivery and ultimately taking our service standards to a more positive level”.

The closure of the Pickup Zone will be from 24 May to 26 July 2013
We are mindful that the construction work and the closing off of the Arrivals Pick up parking will impact users, especially those who park on a short-term basis. To ensure that our users are not inconvenienced during that time, we will be directing vehicles into the multi-story car park during that period only.

• The Multi-Story Parking (MSP) park will be the alternate parking facility during the construction period
• An area on the ‘O’ level closest to the entrance to the Terminal Building will be allocated for all pick up
• Free Parking of 20 minutes will be  implemented within the MSP
• Once the 20 minutes free parking has elapsed, the normal MSP tariffs will apply
• Entrance to this demarcated area can take place via the north and south entrance of the MSP
• Payment may take place at any of the pay stations situated within the MSP

Naidoo mentioned, “During this period, there will be directional signage and additional manpower in place, to direct the public to the designated parking area within the MSP. As always, our customers are important to us and these changes will improve the customer experience, at King Shaka International Airport. We do apologise for the inconvenience caused and ask for your patience during this period”.

For any parking related queries during this period, please call (032) 436-6626 / 6654.

“Parking Solutions, WITH YOU IN MIND”

For more information, please contact Colin Naidoo – Communications and Brand Manager: King Shaka International Airport by e-mail: colin.naidoo@airports.co.za or telephone: +27 (0) 32 436 6609 or cell: +27 (0) 82 820 2744.

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